Our Story

"Always look to the future and be grateful for the past." 


tlc is an inspirational line of jewelry meant to be lived in each day as a reminder that no matter the obstacle, always move forward "one step at a time". Everyone has a story, but it's your past that can shape your future. Instilled with a strong family value of respect, not only for others, but more importantly for yourself, inspired Tina to make her dream become a reality. The strength, support, and positivity she received from her family, her grandmothers' encouraging words "women need to be strong", and their "tender, loving, care" is the core of Tina Louise Critelli's jewelry line. Hence her initials are a reflection of her story. 

After graduating from college with a fashion degree, Tina worked as a senior designer for a charitable jewelry line for 10 years. Creating jewelry for others made her very happy. Although obstacles in life unexpectedly occurred, it did not stop Tina in pursuing her passion. She purposely created a line of jewelry to give those who wear it the confidence and motivation to be strong and keep moving forward no matter what obstacle comes your way.




"Give yourself the happiness you deserve and move on."


Tina's intention was to create a line that makes you feel feminine and elegant while conveying a "feel good" motivational vibe. She wants you to experience that same glamorous feeling you get when slipping on a high heel or sipping out of a martini glass.

 Her anklets and bracelets have a "sparkle and shine" element with faceted gemstones, Czech glass, metallic accents, and sterling silver components. Her entire designs feature hematite chevron arrows which are intended to give you motivation and point you in the direction to keep moving forward. All anklets and bracelets may be stacked for a bold statement or can be worn as a stand alone piece. Each design is handcrafted in the USA with TLC and with the notion...

"The best is yet to come."